36 Responses to Why you should never stay off campus as an IJMB, JUPEB or Cambridge students!

  1. jerry dave says:

    Definitely the above statements are right

  2. DAVID says:


  3. azeez wajud says:

    how much is science school fee for the whole 9months..how many people In a room..and can we pay the hostel fee twice

  4. ezepue chioma says:

    Is ijmb the owner of jupeb or otherwise??

  5. Mary says:

    In the hostels, re you expected to come with your foam, nd cooking stuffs while coming?

  6. david says:

    please I want to ask questions about Jupeg, I don’t want to attend lectures for Jupeb but can I still write the main exam gan gan?

    • admin says:

      Such is not totally advisable in our organisation because your success in the examination is doubtful and also you will pay same amount of tuition with those that had lectures.

  7. tosynnaomi says:

    can i apply d ijmb 4 an awaitin result

  8. VICTOR says:

    pls the entrance conducted by univeristies(EG.UNN,UI ) for jupeb candidate…will it be added to the examination result or wat….pls tell me more

  9. ladycool says:

    Between this two bodies, ijmb & jupeb which one is the best one can go for and which one their charges is lesser thru out de period? Pls am interested so I need an urgent answer b4 the registration ends.

  10. Ike Okonj says:

    Pls what is the cutoff mark fir jupeb entrance exam

  11. ola says:

    does oau accept ijmb

    • admin says:

      All candidates are writing the same final examination (moderated by ABU Zaria) at their respective study centre location.

  12. mharkisaac says:

    Now what if I live around the school premises or I have a brother who leave close by that i can stay with I think it’ll be better for mhi that way

  13. mharkisaac says:

    Now what if I live around the school premises or I have a brother who lives close by that i can stay with. I think it’ll be better for mhi that way.

  14. Angela says:

    I registered last year July and got admission last year September, specifically JUPEB, but for some reasons I haven’t been able to go attend the lectures or tutorials,I paid the acceptance fee, I missed first and second semester exams, but I heard the final qualification exam into 200level is going on, can I still write the exam with them please?

    • smaweb says:

      The best solution is to visit the study centre to know if you can join and get registered for the final examination.

  15. Babalola adeyinka says:

    When is the entrance exam for this yr date please and where in ile-ife

  16. Adebayo says:

    Pls, can I still register for IJMB, I mean hope is not too late to attend lecture.

  17. Adebisi kareemot says:

    Is there entrance exam for jupeb 2019 /2020

  18. Uduak Gibson says:

    Pls how do I get accommodation in Unical for jupeb

  19. Veronica Aina says:

    please when is IJMB 2020 results is coming out, please someone should help me out

  20. Kenneth Jessica says:

    1.Please ijmb student do they stay In the hostel?
    2. Ijmb students will they be in gwags or giri?

  21. Prince says:

    What if you have someone to stay with, and you don’t want to stay in campus?

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